what makes you lose attraction suddenly for someone ?

what makes you lose attraction suddenly for someone ?

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  1. The way they treat others/animals/the planet.

    If they shout at people for being an inconvenience when the person just made a mistake. If they treat animals as lesser beings, treat them like they don’t have feelings or kill insects just because they can. If they litter, waste resources and actively destroy nature.

    I would rather throw them off a cliff.

  2. Smoking cigs or cigars. Being aligned with the MAGA cult. Identifying as being religious. Fake boobs. Poor grasp of the English language (if they’re a native speaker of course). Entitlement.

    Ha…I guess I could have just said “being aligned with the MAGA cult”. The rest seems redundant, lol.

  3. if i find out they like trump. I don’t usually let something like politics judge how i like someone, but if you can support a racist, perverted, liar and overall disgusting man then i don’t want you anymore. sorry not sorry. i don’t particularly like biden either though.

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