What makes you miserable right now?

What makes you miserable right now?

What do you think?

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  1. Panic attacks due to having a lifetime of heart issues and thinking is this the day I have a heart attack, living alone now that my Grandmother is gone and I’m actually able to work on me.

  2. Being self aware.

    Scientists just had to go and prove that we’re the product of random chance and evolution and nothing matters in the end. Couldnt just let us think our dead family members were in the sky.

    Like why the fuck did they do that?

    If I had been the guy to discover there was no God or afterlife I’d destroy all the evidence then shoot myself.

  3. My HOA can’t sell homes because they are shady, neglectful, and generally untrustworthy. Since they cannot sell homes for the above reasons and they own the majority of the land, they have decided they are going to put in a RV park to generate revenue for themselves, not even for the HOA.

    add: This is going to tank my property value and they know that.

  4. I am alone. no one to love me and no one to love. Life feels so cold and meaningless. Fucked my life up at 12 and am still paying the price in lacking social skill. In and out of treatment centers. Never went and experienced a real childhood. My bio dad left when I was 7 and never seen him since. I have his number but he never talks to me. Took him 5 days to respond with happy birthday. Lives with my controlling mother at age 20. I have no friends and never have had any. I sit in my room listening to music to hide my pain. Works 2 jobs just to afford car insurance and gas. I watch real life gore to help get my anger off my chest. (Beheadings, executions, warcrimes, etc.) suicidal because the cost of living is not worth paying for.

  5. I had a bilateral orchiopexy done on the 23rd. Basically the doctor had to cut my ballsack open , pull my nuts out onto the table, make a hole in the scrotum and then push each ball back into the hole and sew them shut. I literally almost cried when I came home and looked at it in the mirror. My scrotum looks like a dog chewed up a hamburger patty and then vomited it onto the my crotch. So now in the worst pain in my life to the point that I weep every time I need to penguin waddle down the hallway to take a dump which I couldn’t manage to do for almost almost 2 whole days because my piss baby weenie hut jr pain medicine accomplishes little for me other than giving me horrible constipation.

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