What saga with at least 5 books is absolutely worth the read?

What saga with at least 5 books is absolutely worth the read?

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  1. Not sure what you mean by “saga”, but I’m finishing up my third time through The Expanse series and it holds up.

    For maybe a more “saga” series, Malazan Book of the Fallen is absolutely epic. World building to the nth degree. Plus there are a bunch of related books that add on to the story once you are done with the primary series. You can get lost in those worlds for a LONG time.

  2. The Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull was one of my favorites growing up. I got the first book at a scholastic book fair and read the rest as they got published. The worldbuilding skills that Mull has (if my memory serves me right) was wonderful.

  3. Valdemar. Arrows trilogy, Winds trilogy, By the Sword, and then Storm trilogy, in that order. There are a lot more but honestly, the quality is all over the map (and mostly downhill after the author married a guy who thinks he can write but absolutely cannot). But those ten books are amazing.

  4. The Malazan Book of the Fallen is the only series I have enjoyed enough to read more than 10 books of, I love the memorable characters. It also has a very deep and detailed world, magic system, and god pantheon, if that’s your sort of thing

  5. One fantasy series I like a lot that I don’t hear mentioned often is the Deverry novels by Katherine Kerr. The stories kind of jump around but there’s a thread of reincarnation that connects them, and the various magic elements are pretty interesting.

  6. James Clavell’s asian saga, which starts with Shogun (set ca. 1600 Japan) and ends with Whirlwind (set ca. 1979 in Iran). They weren’t written chronologically but I recommend reading them that way. I’ve reread all of the books at least twice, some a half dozen times.

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