What screams “I’m homophobic”?

What screams “I’m homophobic”?

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  1. People who can’t make it through a scene of even 2 seconds in length with men showing affection for each other without having to signal in some way that it freaks them out. Just in case you thought they were getting turned on or something.

  2. “I want a gay bff!” Which also usually translates to “I want an extremely flamboyant, over the top, gay friend like I see on TV!”

    If you’re only looking for a gay friend instead of just a friend, especially if you want him to act like someone out of a sitcom and just a regular guy won’t do, that itself is extremely homophobic.

  3. Being a straight LGBT activist, at least in my experience as a former gay, now trans person.

    LGBT activists don’t really seem to care about LGBT people at all, they just want to use us to put down others. Look at the Hogwarts Legacy harassment they were doing.

    I don’t really appreciate being associated with those narcissistic losers.

  4. Someone in a group I was in on Facebook said something like “why does everything have to be gay?” And then later went to complain about how there are not enough straight couples. This was about BBC Ghosts, where one of the ghosts is clearly gay and hiding his feels and a lesbian couple (who are only minor characters) get married in one episode. Ever other couple is straight.

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