What single thought changed your perspective on life forever?

What single thought changed your perspective on life forever?

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  1. I made an adult video when I was 20.

    Two different guys screwed me up the bum, and while they seemed to be having a ball, I was literally working my ass off. I didn’t get anywhere near climaxing, but when they did, both of them finished in my mouth and I swallowed it, which was more disgusting than I had even imagined. They moaned with pleasure as I wretched.

    My perspective changed when I realized that both of those guys were paid to do that scene, just like I was. Maybe not as much, who knows, but they were paid. From that day on, I resolved to find a job that didn’t put me out at all, but also one that didn’t put someone else out.

  2. If the world were a pool, you would be sharing those waters with people that eat tide pods. People that fuck sheep. People that really believe what they hear on fox news. People that believe the earth is flat. People that believe that they spoke to God after smoking DMT.

    Those aren’t really opinions worth cherishing, so take the rest of humanity with a massive grain of salt.

  3. I realized that a lot of the things I was stressing and anxious about, whether I’d stumble over my words when ordering at the drive through, what my coworkers would think of my clothes, etc, wouldn’t matter *one bit* in a few days, much less next month, or next year.

    So whenever I start excessively worrying or overthinking I try (I’m not always successful) to put things into that perspective.

    At the same time, however, having lost 4 family members in the last two years, two of them with our last words being less than civil, I also have to worry about how I’d be leaving things if I or whoever were to suddenly pass away.

    But I guess that’s different. Don’t sweat the small stuff, but mind how you treat people.

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