What type of men see sex workers?

What type of men see sex workers?

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  1. Sometimes it’s guys trying to close a deal, sometimes it’s guys who just appreciate the art of it (exotic entertainment is actually really pretty when it’s executed exceptionally), sometimes it’s men who are hurting -therapy with a view, sometimes it’s guys who like to drink with a view. Sometimes it is egotistical assholes, power tripping with the need for control who prey on the weaker girls who need the cash, sometimes it’s guys who have a kink (toe licking, hair sniffing, shoe loving- one time I had a champagne room with a guy who wanted to wear my outfit & I found him a pair of shoes that fit & just watched him enjoy the fuck out of himself for an hour.. he was truly happy in that moment) … sometimes they go for the dance party.. there are so many different types of men & they all have different reasons. In the 10 years that I danced I met some truly beautiful souls, both the girls & the gents, & most of the time it was an actually enjoyable experience, great conversations, great networking.. I retired after 10 years when the pandemic started.. Can honestly say, there were more times the guys were cool as shit than what people typically think of the type of guy that goes into a strip club. I can’t say what kind of guys take it to the next level, doing the pay for sex kind of thing but that’s where I heard most of the creepy stuff went down from the girls I know who did it.

  2. I haven’t but I’m certain I would if I lost my wife. She’s the love of my life. It’d be too hard not to compare every relationship to the one i have with her…and they’d all fall short for years, at least.

    No one deserves to be compared to someone else constantly, so I’d spare them that and me the challenge of being that vulnerable with a new person. But I also need human contact, like anyone does. It’d be the simplest option.

  3. I know the question was likely asked to bait out responses that’ll call such men horny, lonely, loser, pathetic, worthless, bitchless, maidenless, gross, creepy, objectifying, etc.

    And that’s fine, I guess. You people can have fun with that, I suppose.

    All I ask to the people that respond with those answers, just please don’t get butthurt down the line if someone were to ask “what type of women become sex workers” and people respond with answers like: attention seeking, slutty, whorish, daddy issues, no skills besides showing off the body, low self worth, etc.

  4. An incredibly diverse variety. The old and lonely, the young and horny, the cashed up and disinterested in commitment, the disabled, the interstate and international workers who lack the time to form longer lived relationships, the bored, the kinky, the dudes who just need someone, anyone to pay them some attention, the sexually inexperienced, and women too.

  5. The ones I know personally who have talked about it are usually lonely and not in a good position to be in a relationship – like working away on an oil rig 9 months of the year. Usually they just cross the border into Holland so it’s safe/regulated/legal.

    They’re not sleazy, and I know a few of them go back to the same SW, who they have a good friendship with. They take steps to make sure the women aren’t trafficked or in a bad position.

    You’re perfectly entitled to feel weird about finding this out about your partner, but it might not be as bad as you think – obviously some men who do this are sleazeballs, but not necessarily.

  6. Many different types of people see sex workers. Not all of them for the same reasons or purposes. Companionship, power dynamics, freedom. I recall watching a documentary on it at some point that went into sdetail on some reasons and perspectives but i cant for the life of me remember what it was. Tried looking through some louis theroux and stacey dooley stuff to see if it was theirs but im drawing a blank.

  7. There is not a type per se

    All classes all religions all races all occupations

    It is something that humans not just men regardless of their group affiliations

    The only ones who probably don’t see them are asexual aromantics but even then some of them might be going for a type of therapy in place of a real therapist because The reasons people seek out sex workers are very wide and very varied and one of the common things is to function as a therapist

    Let’s also be clear if we’re talking consequence based morality there is nothing wrong with it provided they are doing it of their own accord

    Virtue ethics could forbid it but not consequence-based ethics duty based ethics has kind of a gray area

  8. People who dont see the value in emotional sex mostly. The thought of me paying anyone for sex disgusts me, but that’s because I view sex as an important thing that shouldn’t be commodified. But for someone who only enjoys the physical sensation and none of the extra shit, paying someone a fee might seem like a no brainer.

  9. I remember watching a German video that interviewed a few men that frequently pay for sex. They came off as sleazebags. They’re all unattractive, bald, and fat degenerates.

    Their common reason for paying for sex is because they don’t want to pretend to be decent people to get sex.

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