What was your favorite childhood PC game?

What was your favorite childhood PC game?

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  1. Plants vs Zombies. I’d play the shit out of that game (with the 30 minutes I had as a 4 year old). Looking back, I’m honestly surprised how I was able to beat that game at such a young age with minimum lawnmower loss.

  2. I’ve no idea! Like, I don’t know what it’s called. I’ve searched for years but just gave up hope.

    It was on an early Windows version, probably 95 or 98.

    You played as this sort of red or blue bumper car and you drove around this stone looking circle thing trying to score points.

    It MAY have been on the same game as a quiz/educational game where you travel through a castle and each door led to new questions.

    I loved both of those games so much, mainly I think because computers were new and super cool to child me. Always wanted to go back and play them now to see what I was actually enjoying and if they were really as hard as I seemed to make them!

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