What would you sell your soul for?

What would you sell your soul for?

What do you think?

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  1. welp, i don’t believe in hell BUT assuming there was a demon with magic offering me a supply of never ending money with no weird IRS consequences that’ll get me hung up or some stupid bullshit i would say no.

    that demon means that hell exists and if hell exists it’s gonna be a lot worse than the 35ish years i have left here.

  2. Well, I was down at the crossroads On a hellfire-hot summer day

    I was real thirsty and my throat was drying And the sun was beating out in my face

    I was about to have a heat stroke It must have been a thousand degrees

    When a spooky old man with some beer in his hands Appeared in front of me

    I just sold my soul to Satan For three six packs of beer
    I got 6 right here and 6 right here and another 6 more right here

    When they’re all gone i’m going to hell So I guess the end is near
    I’ve got a six six six pack, A six six six pack of beer

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