What would you want to write here but afraid you will be morally crucified?

What would you want to write here but afraid you will be morally crucified?

What do you think?

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  1. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do for your success and it is okay, just weight out the gains and sacrifices, sometimes competition has to fall. Just don’t hurt innocents for no reason, that is what evil does, the rest is necessity…

  2. People with BPD need years of therapy, not more love and understanding from those who they unconsciously abuse. And when I say years of therapy, I mean it— the experts in the field believe that it takes about 3 sessions *per week* for more than 16 years for those with BPD to enter a state of remission wherein they are safe to be around.

    People who get angry about us calling out toxic people “just because” they have a personality disorder frankly are too idealistic to understand the [trail of destruction](https://youtu.be/lofcSmdr_r0) that these people leave in their wake. I don’t care if these people fundamentally deserve the same moral treatment and opportunities as everyone else, because they are physically and emotionally dangerous *by definition of their symptoms* and it is unsafe for one’s own mental health to ignore that.

    A potential partner with an untreated personality disorder is *always* cause to run far and run fast. It doesn’t matter if that truth hurts your fee fees, because the disordered individual will hurt you far worse than that if you let them.

    Note that this sentiment is coming from somebody who once used to go to extreme lengths to accommodate what I thought were just the quirks and idiosyncrasies of my former partners. It took being accused of medication theft out of the blue and then getting dumped immediately thereafter for me to truly understand the sort of abusive energy these people can’t help but exude. And then all of the past misbehavior that I let slide suddenly had context. I should not have let it slide.

    If you choose to date somebody with BPD, the best case scenario is that you wind up dating a person whose emotional development was stunted at about 2 years of age, according to prevailing thought amongst psychiatrists. And now you can see why people get so petulant when one tries to talk about covert BPD abuse online— these people don’t have the emotional tools to comprehend and deal with the fact that they are the problem, so they choose to shut down and rage at what was said instead.

  3. Pedophiles/rapists should get an immediate death sentence once found guilty w/evidence. All of them

    Edit: I say this because there are a lot of ppl who would disagree on this because it’s the death sentence and “why not give them another chance, they’ll learn” NO they don’t learn, they do the same crimes again. They shouldn’t be allowed to see the light of day at all

  4. Just because you feel good doing something or think that something is good, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Don’t “follow your heart” unless backed up by logic and reason.

    This includes sudden decisions over personality, friendships, relationships, family, studies and sexual orientations.

    Reddit’s community’ advocacy for “do what makes you feel good” is just a self-protocol for making bad decisions.

  5. Art has always been political and likely always will be but sometimes I wish to watch a series without any political or social agenda, with every scene in service of telling a good story that makes me think without directing me what to think.

  6. That I side with King Charles in all the royal drama. Just asked his son to not speak poorly of his step mother, who his father was dating long before Dianna and was pressured into leaving her to marry Di. I know its not always that simple but a big part of being an adult is understanding that your parents are human and just as prone if not more so than you to make mistakes

  7. Not afraid, but on reddit you can’t say

    It’s not s support animal, it’s a pet. And everyone is tired of your BS.

    Self-diagnosed ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression,… correlates 1:1 with being a self-cantered lazy pain in the ass for everyone around you.

    Your obesity is not special and is usually much more a result of your decisions to eat more and be inactive than it is anything else.

  8. Because of some trauma (nothing big it’s just the leading cause) I struggle with desires for girls legally too young and I can’t ask for help for it without judgement and/or background checks and I don’t know what to do. I know it’s wrong I’m not justifying my actions I just want help and vent get it because I’m automatically associated with people who want to hurt kids.

  9. That men and women are not biologically the same, EQUAL in value, but different in many cases, which obviously makes each more efficient at different tasks in some cases, and that the natural gender dynamic, the traditional one, is not “oPrEsSiVe” or “wRoNg” and it is the only dynamic that has been proven to work between HEALTHY individuals across all of humanity. But then the liberal feminists call be misogynist, but there is no person I hold more dear in this world than a true feminine aura that simply radiates sweetness and feminity in a man’s life, nothing more precious in this world than women and children, and there’s men that die every day protecting them yet we are always the gender framed as wrong…then..we are put back to work..physical labor, job, army, death. And then some fucking psychopath does something he would’ve been crucified for 100 years ago and they blame all men for it.

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