TIL 4 Spider-Man suits were stolen from Spider-Man back in 2002. The suits cost $50,000 USD to make and Sony offered $25,000 USD for their return. It lead to a 18 month investigation, and the suits were found in Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo. It was stolen by a security guard who worked on set.

Read more: https://whatculture.com/film/15-mind-blowing-facts-about-sam-raimis-spider-man-trilogy?page=14

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  1. > It was discovered that this wasn’t the first time he had nabbed a superhero’s costume. The thief was also responsible for stealing a Batman costume worth $150,000 while working a security job on the Warner Bros. lot.

    TBH a minor villain who goes around impersonating a security guard to steal the costumes of heroes to sell them to collectors does sound like a perfect member of the old school Rogue’s Gallery.

    Though to be fair I wouldnt be shocked if there were already 3 people or so who fit that description : D

  2. My dad worked on the Sony Lot during the filming of the movie for a different show and they detained every and all the crew and searched every single vehicle leaving the parking lot. Made him get out and searched ever inch of his car. Did this for every single person at the studio that day.

  3. I was working on an upcoming Amazon series last summer where we were filming on a ranch. Overnight we had two guards at the ranch. Guard 1 decides he wants the picture car so he steals it in the night

    Thing is- guard 1 wasn’t smart enough to talk it through with guard 2 who immediately called the police (and then production folks). The police very quickly find him and arrest him because he’s driving a picture car which is amazingly easy to identify

    I just love that guard one was like “it’s the perfect plan! Nobody will stop me, because I’m the one who’s supposed to be stopping me! Genius!”

  4. Suits shouldn’t cost that much. Nor should a lot of the other random services that go into a movie. They’re all overpriced. I’m telling you, movie making is simply legal and meticulously complex money laundering

  5. I know of an alcohol distributor where one year the brand Fireball gave everyone on the sales team a Fireball onesie, but they were stolen out of storage before they could be passed out. They never caught the person but I bet there is some Instagram story somewhere.

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