TIL 70% of Apple App Store revenue comes from a small fraction of customers playing games

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/10/apple-vs-epic-70percent-of-app-store-revenue-from-customers-playing-games.html

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  1. >According to the ruling, gaming apps account for approximately 70% of all App Store revenue. That 70% is generated by less than 10% of all App Store users, the court said. By contrast, more than 80% of all accounts generate virtually no revenue, as 80% of all apps on the App Store are free, according to the document.

    That’s pretty interesting, actually. Even with microtransactions, I never would’ve guessed.

  2. Yeah I had a friend who had a limit of 50 bucks a month for one of the marvel games. He had to have the limit because if not he would spend 100s. Blew my mind as the few phone games I had that were gotchas I hadn’t spent a dime on.

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