TIL 94 US WWII Servicemen executed by the US Military are buried in “Plot E” of the Oise Aisne American Cemetery in France, a section designated for “the dishonored dead”. Hedges hide it from view, no US flag is permitted to fly over it, the graves lack headstones and it is not publicly accessible.

Read more: https://www.orderofthegooddeath.com/article/plot-e/

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  1. I think that’s excessive. Death sentence and dishonorable discharge is enough. But I know the Americans wanted to send a stark message that they weren’t like the Germans.

  2. The whole enterprise was a waste of effort. They should have been cremated and ashes dumped somewhere nondescript.

    To have them share the same cemetery, whatever measures they took to separate them, is an insult to the honored dead.

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