TIL a 9-man Special Forces team landed on top of 10,000 North Vietnamese soldiers and fought their way out after making barricades from enemy corpses and jumping off a cliff.

Read more: https://sofrep.com/news/nva-general-sog-suffered-90-percent-casualties-pt-2/

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  1. The whole story is hard to believe. DPAA is still trying to locate Stride and the crash sites, but many of SOG’s records were destroyed at the end of the war and the whole area was hit by B52s after the fact (which contributed heavily to the NVA’s 90% casualty rate). Cowboy is still alive and in the US. Here’s his interview where he talks about October 5 and his other experiences in the war (and escaping Vietnam): https://youtu.be/1Ca73ynwzTs

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