TIL a child molester voluntarily castrated himself to get rid of his urges and be freed from prison

Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/story/castrated-california-child-molester-wants-freedom

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  1. The mind, attraction and pleasure center in the brain maintains, but sex drive is reduced. His testicles don’t have an orientation. They are just along for the ride.

    And as we know sexual sadism, etc, is a power dysfunction additionally.

    And castrated men can have erections and orgasm.

  2. Castration, chemical or otherwise, does not remove the urge. Rape isn’t a sexual thing, it’s a power thing, so now he’s just got urges and impotent rage.

  3. Hot take, but I feel sorry for people that get the urge to diddle kids. Probably some kind of tramua or something made them that way. In no way should they ever act upon those urges obviously. Which means they just have repress those urges and live that way their whole life. If be curious to know if anyone has ever successfully been therapied out of the urge to diddle kids.

  4. I commend him, better this than be sent to the new Russian arctic colonies, no? Any nonces out there give it a thought, pretty sure drinking a quart of bleach and doing a couple forward rolls works as a home diy alternative to chemical castration.

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