TIL A company in the 90’s made pencils with the anti-drug slogan “Too Cool to Do Drugs” but had to recall them because, when sharpened, they read “Do Drugs”

Read more: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/anti-drug-pencil-slogan-erased/

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  1. It just got better as the pencil wore down. First it said the intended message, then “Cool to Do Drugs” then just “Do Drugs” and finally “Drugs.”

    Would have all been avoided if they had just put it closer to the eraser and made it face the other way.

  2. I remember my boyfriend telling me a story back in the 1980’s of when his High School ordered book bags for everyone during an anti-drug campaign. They were supposed to have “Drug Free School Zone” written on them and they came in saying: “School Free Drug Zone” instead.

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