TIL a hole in the roof of a church allowed Cassini to measure the change in diameter of the sun’s disk over the year, confirming that Earth moves around the Sun in an elliptical orbit and the same church hosts a 15th-century fresco of Prophet Mohammed in hell, being tortured and devoured by a demon

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  1. >…designed a new model for the Basilica that resembled a Latin cross with a size that surpassed even the Saint Peter’s Basilica of Rome.

    >When news of the proposed Basilica reached Pope Pius IV, he became so jealous that he immediately ordered the construction of a new building just twelve meters away to prevent the Bolognese from realizing their dream.

    *”How dare they build a church larger than mine. I must stop these Catholics from building a big church!*”

    >>– A Pope …named pious

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