TIL A juvenile narwhal lost in the St. Lawrence River got adopted by a group of beluga and has stayed with them since at least 2016

Read more: https://www.cbc.ca/news/science/belugas-narwhal-stlawrence-1.4820602

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  1. The article I linked to is from 2018, I couldn’t find a more recent one, but actually learned this from a very recent TV documentary saying that he’s still hanging out with the group of belugas and that he’s been growing as would be expected for a narwhal his age, showing that he’s been able to feed himself properly. They were saying that it’s unclear whether the belugas invited him, or if he forced himself on them, but at this point, it is clear from their behavior that he has been accepted as part of the pod. As he will soon reach sexual maturity, they wonder whether he will attempt to mate with other belugas.

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