TIL a Merkin is a wig for the pubic area. It is typically used by women as a bedroom accessory or as a way to disguise their pubic area in films.

Read more: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/oscars-what-is-a-merkin-870991/

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  1. I believe the merkin also dates back earlier to the 1400s, as a way to disguise STD symptoms after shaving the pubic area, before awareness and prevention/treatments were available

  2. That’s such a weird gray area sometimes. I was in a play with full frontal female nudity in one scene. She was wearing a Merkin because the community wouldn’t tolerate full frontal nudity. So she looked naked. The audience thought she was naked. But she wasn’t naked, so it was okay.

  3. “A merkin is a pubic wig that actors wear in nude scenes, but it is also considered fashionable and sported at events such as Burning Man. ”


    Wait, what? How do you end the article on a cliffhanger like that?

  4. There’s a brewery in Colorado, “Oskar Blues,” who used to have the “MurCan Club.” You would get a goblet to drink out of and other benefits.

    Not sure many customers got the joke.

  5. Wow, I have led such a sheltered life. And I still have no clue why so many on Reddit think Jared Leto is a tool. Why the hate? I know nothing about him, so am oblivious.

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