TIL a translator misinterpreted President Carter’s words during his speech in his 1977’s visit to Poland, and made it appear as if he had sexual desires for the country.

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20150202-the-greatest-mistranslations-ever

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  1. And the embarrassment train didn’t end there either:

    > Unsurprisingly, the President used a different interpreter when he gave a toast at a state banquet later in the same trip – but his woes didn’t end there. After delivering his first line, Carter paused, to be met with silence. After another line, he was again followed by silence. The new interpreter, who couldn’t understand the President’s English, had decided his best policy was to keep quiet. By the time Carter’s trip ended, he had become the punchline for many a Polish joke.

    Also, credits to u/BurningBernie559 for making a meme about that event, which got me looking into the sources.

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