TIL about Atomgrad, (“Atomic Cities”). Small industrial cities in Eastern Europe set up just to run and support near by nuclear power plants.

Read more: https://www.herder-institut.de/en/projects/atomgrad/

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  1. “In contrast to the closed and secret military nuclear facility (compare Kate Brown’s project on “cities made by plutonium” in the U.S. and the Soviet Union), the Atomograd was an urban project that served the purposes of both energy economy and political propaganda. As such, it was a public project. Though the Soviet NPP was a closed enterprise, with security clearance and related restrictions imposed on nuclear workers, the Atomograd was an open city, and often the only “real” city in its respective regional context. Its city-dwellers were well-educated, and socially privileged in comparison to average Soviet urban society. Nuclear cities played a crucial role in “nuclear age” propaganda, and in the specific Soviet cultural representations of science, nuclear engineering, and electric energy.”

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