TIL about Cliff Young, a potato farmer who won the Sydney to Melbourne Ultramarathon (875km/544mi) in overalls and work boots at 61 yrs old. Young beat the standing record by nearly two days by running for 5 days and 15 hours without any sleep while his younger competitors slept 6 hours a night.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cliff_Young_(athlete)

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  1. He had a unique and very efficient running style known as the *Cliff Young Shuffle*. It basically looks like an old drunk bloke shuffling up the road.

  2. 2 days: 48 hours.

    6 hours of sleep a night across 5+ days is 30 hours or so… (rounding)

    He still would have beat the standing record by nearly 18 hours… even while sleeping the same amount as his younger competitors.

  3. Marathon: 26.22 miles

    Ultramarathon: 26.23 miles

    Also ultramarathon: 50k (31 miles)

    Still ultramarathon: 100k (62 miles)

    Somehow still “ultramarathon”: 544 miles

    Like for the craziest endurance people ever come up with new names

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