TIL about Dr. Robert Liston, the fastest surgeon in the 19th century. Start to finish it took him 2 and a half minutes to amputate a leg. In his most famous mishap he took off an assistant’s fingers as he cut through a leg. That surgery is the only known surgery with a 300% mortality rate.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Liston

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  1. > He is said to have performed the removal of a limb in 28 seconds, accidentally amputating his assistant surgeon’s fingers, causing the patient and assistant to die of sepsis, and a witness reportedly dying of shock, making this surgery the deadliest in history

    For those, like me, that didn’t get how the 300% added up.

  2. 300% mortality rate means for every 1 amputation, 3 people died.

    As an example, for every time I initiate a special moment with Mrs. Pelz, I fail 3x.

    Truthfully, right now that ratio is 1 of every 365.

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