TIL about Hijra, a historically-accepted third gender in South Asia

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hijra_(South_Asia)

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  1. I’m no expert. I literally just learned about this today. But there are huge communities of nonbinary people, or at least I think they’d call themselves nonbinary (in the language we use nowadays in the US). And “historically-accepted” is used pretty loosely here. It’s accepted in that it seems like a pretty huge culture that everybody knows about, but they still enjoy abysmal social status.

    It just seems literally incredible to me that the third option for gender exists here but is so carefully demarcated that there are suddenly set rules for where to go (i.e., one of these communities) and what to do with one’s life thereafter (e.g., show up to collect money when children are born, for some reason).

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