TIL about Loganair Flight 6780, where after falling at a rate of 9500 per minute and only 7 seconds from crashing into the North Sea, a random computer glitch caused the autopilot to disengage. Allowing the pilots to regain control and save the aircraft.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loganair_Flight_6780?searchToken=dsnl7un2w30fqya0f08zvsc5k

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  1. Recently learned about this watching Air Disasters (also known as Mayday or Air Crash Investigations) and the sequence of events is facinating.

    The plane was stuck by lightning on the nose of the aircraft, no doubt blinding the pilots and disorienting them. After the lightning strike they believed the autopilot was disengaged and started manually flying the aircraft, when in fact the autopilot hadn’t been disengaged and was functioning normally. Their aircraft, the SAAB 2000, is one of the few aircraft where there is no autopilot override, meaning that when the pilots tried to make the plane climb the autopilot was over ruling them pushing the plane down. This caused a rapid decent that the pilots were powerless to stop, only when a random computer glitch disengaged the autopilot 7 seconds from impact did the pilots regain control and land safely

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