TIL about ponytail headaches, a type of extracranial headache arising from pericranial muscle fascia and tendon traction. Essentially, if your hair is tied too tighly, you get a nasty headache.

Read more: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15147248/

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  1. I’m a dude from a country with conscription. Strict uniform rules all my life. I never had long hair. Today, my hair finally became long and annoying enough to block my vision. So I borrowed snap hair pins from my partner to part my fringe. An hour later, I got the worst headache ever.

    I jokingly asked my partner if hair pins caused headaches because it was the only recent change to my lifestyle. I wanted to lead it onto a joke where the metal was picking up the evil 6G. But she calmly told me, “oh yeah, don’t fix your hair too tight, there is such a thing ponytail headaches”.

    Man, I wonder what other simple nuances of life the opposite gender goes through without me ever knowing.

  2. I feel like I’ve experienced the face mask equivalent of this. If the surgical mask I’m wearing is too tight around the back of my ears, I find my jaw/head starts to hurt a few hours in.

  3. I had headaches from Aviator sunglasses that were too front-heavy. They would slip down my nose, I would instinctively raise my eyebrows to compensate, and by the end of the day the back of my head would hurt.

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