TIL about Scottish guitarist Bert Jansch whose uncredited work influenced Paul Simon, Jimmy Page, and Neil Young. A true folk vagabond, Jansch didn’t even own a guitar in his early career, only playing venues that were willing to lend him one.

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  1. Clearly you need to listen to more music at Christmas. Bert Jansch’s In The Bleak Midwinter is one of those songs that everyone seems to know.
    Personally i recommend the 1996 version of “The Best Christmas Album, In The World….Ever” it’s by far the most complete collection of Christmas songs the get played regularly without dodgy covers of those songs or later Christmas songs that are utter bilge. It could be better as the edition of Chuck Berry’s Run, Rudolph, Run, The Kink’s Father Christmas and Wham’s Last Christmas (rather than the Musak-esque instrumental version that’s on it) but it’s pretty much the perfect Christmas album.

    Second is Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas Hits but only because it’s full of really obscure Christmas songs that are all genuinely fun. Every song is upbeat and joyous but you are unlikely to know more then a handful of them and that is why is awesome.

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