TIL about the battle of chosin reservoir, which was fought during the Korean War at temperatures as cold as 36 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit)

Read more: https://taskandpurpose.com/news/chosin-reservoir-army-jim-valentine/?amp

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  1. There was a pretty good doc on the American Hereos Channel about it a while back. I bet you could find it on YouTube.

    They interviewed one veteran in particular who had been thrown on a pile of dead soldiers (because they thought he was dead), and more soldiers were piled on top of him. He almost froze to death laying there trying to get them to realize he was alive. He lost both his legs to hypothermia but he eventually made it out. I can’t remember *how* he made it out but I remember it made me cry.

  2. Also the Americans were outnumbered 10 to 1. They talk about how it was so cold your tears would freeze just being outside and your buddies froze in the position they died in so you would have to snap their limbs to make them all fit in the planes and trucks when they got hauled away.

  3. What’s funny to me is that China just made a “patriotic war” film about the chosin reservoir battle and made it out like Chinese were the heroes.

  4. >”From the Chinese perspective, it was largely a grenade war, and they had a huge supply of these inexpensive devices, while it has been estimated that only one Chinese soldier in four or five began combat with his own rifle.”- Arthur H. Mitchell

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