TIL About the city of thonis (known to the Greeks as heracleion). An ancient Egyptian city that sank into the sea due to a mix of earthquakes, tsunamis and rising sea levels.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heracleion

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  1. Rapid glacial melt due to some kind of event wouldn’t be out of bounds to theorize. Some people think the legends of Atlantis and The Great Flood (Noah) may have some basis in this theory. Mammoth remains have been found in Florida dating back about 13,000 years, and much of the current United States was under a mile of ice not long before that. Many people have no idea that we have been in an interglacial period (Holocene Epoch) for roughly 11,500 years, and some scientists think that is due to end “soon” (as in thousands of years “soon” lol). Also, for a vast majority of the past 500 million years, Earth has had no polar ice caps, so what we have now is a rarity on the geological timeline.

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