TIL about the importance of properly poured beer. A 0.5-1 inch head (foam) releases the aromas and helps the beer to stay carbonated. Also, you can tell if the glass is dirty, because the bubbles will stick to dirt.

Read more: https://brewbususa.com/brew-news/everything-youve-ever-wanted-to-know-about-beer-foam/

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  1. My parents used to say the head sticking to the glass meant the glass was **clean** … I know parents lie to kids for good reasons. I am a parent. But this is something they told me as a grown ass man.

    They both owned bars separately for over 15 years..


  2. Wasn’t until I spoke to an older gent at a pub here in NY that I learned about head, beer, and carbonation. For so many years I went by a false Caribbean habit of pouring the beer low, slow, least AMT of head, not realizing it was gassy. And the beer is held in special fridges that keep it just above freezing, for the hot weather. At optimal temp you can taste the beer more … And spot flaws so colder goes down smoother. Lol. Probably started by the breweries.

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