TIL about the Portsmouth Sinfonia, the “worst orchestra in the world,” consisting of people without musical training or if they were musicians, were first time instrument players, all attempting to play classical music.

Read more: https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/portsmouth-sinfonia-classical-music-eno-orchestra

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  1. >Bryars (one of the founding members) was interested more in experimenting with the nature of music than forming a traditional orchestra. Instead of picking the most competent musicians he could find, he encouraged anyone to join, regardless of talent, ability or experience. The only rules were that everyone had to come for rehearsals and that people should try their best to get it right and not intentionally try to play badly.

    Edit: Portsmouth Sinfonia playing [Also Sprach Zarathustra ](https://youtu.be/hpJ6anurfuw).

    Audio pretty bad. The orchestra was around for about 10 years.

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