TIL about the United States Metric Board, established in 1975 by an act of Congress to facilitate the transfer of the US to the metric system, the conversion was to be voluntary, which was not enough to effect the change, and it was disbanded by President Reagan in 1982.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Metric_Board

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  1. In grade school in the mid 70s, one teacher had a bulletin board where she put the letters “America is going metric in 1980”. She left it there for years. 1980 came and went…and she finally took it down.

  2. There wasn’t nearly enough media coverage regarding how the imperial system has hurt US international trade. Specifically, there were studies that showed that we were losing hundreds of millions of dollars every year in foreign trade, because other countries didn’t want to buy US-made equipment that would require those countries to have two sets of tools – one set (metric) for all their machines, and a second set (imperial) to assemble/replace/repair the American equipment.

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