TIL about the United States National Radio Quiet Zone (USNRQZ). An area larger than Maryland where scientists use sensitive radio telescopes. They are so sensitive that people who live nearby can’t use cell phones, wifi, radio or anything that may interfere with the equipment.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_National_Radio_Quiet_Zone#Restrictions

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  1. This is misrepresenting the size and scope of this sadly. The areas here are not included for Christ sake James Madison university is in that box and Mary Baldwin University. Only the closest people to the observatory are restricted. I toured with my dad on the way back from skiing as a kid years ago.

    Sorry to reality check this.

    Still a cool place and clever use of science in their research tho.

  2. Next, on Fox News’ fair and balanced coverage: The government oppresses the people of Maryland and Virginia by prohibiting use of ANY radio transmissions. Can YOU imagine your life without a microwave or cell phone? What’s next for the governments sinister plot to limit our use of radio?

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