til about triboulet a notorious jester who was allowed to choose his own death after having insulted the Queen of France. He chose to die of old age, which made the King laugh so hard he was spared and banished instead.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triboulet

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  1. Triboulet once came to the Monarch with a complaint.

    Triboulet: “A noble has threatened to hang me!”
    The Monarch: “Don’t worry! If he hangs you I’ll have him beheaded fifteen minutes later.”
    Triboulet: “Well, would it be possible to behead him 15 minutes before?”

  2. good old triboulet. here’s another story:

    triboulet once slapped the king on the bum as he passed by. the king was furious and wanted to execute triboulet immediately, but decided to spare the fool on one condition: he had to come up with an apology that was more offensive than what he had done.

    triboulet thought for a moment and quipped, “i beg your deepest pardon, your majesty; as you passed, i mistook you for the queen!”

    triboulet was pardoned.

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