TIL After the civil war 864 Medals of Honor were given out accidentally. 300 were supposed to be given to members of a unit, but after they discovered the 564 accidental ones, they realized the other 300 didn’t qualify for them either.

Read more: https://taskandpurpose.com/history/maine-medal-of-honor-lost/

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  1. What’s more concerning is that the Confederacy was relegitimized, and that this is basically a failed nation on the brink of another civil war.

  2. What’s even crazier is most of the medals weren’t even claimed, because the people didn’t realize they actually were awarded it, and the ones that weren’t claimed ended up missing.

    Some were assumed to have been mixed into concrete and buried in the ground at one of the General’s houses, but was never found. A small box of a few were found, but the ones in the box disappeared over the years.

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