TIL after the mistress of famed rocket engineer and occultist Jack Parsons began an affair with science fiction writer and eventual founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard, Parsons attempted to conjure a new girlfriend by masturbating onto “magical” tablets.

Read more: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/jpl-jack-parsons

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  1. That’s just the tip of the iceberg:

    >At the same time — 1941 — **Parsons started to have a sexual relationship with his wife’s Helen’s 17-year-old sister Sara — something that was encouraged by his church.** His wife started a relationship with one of the church’s most senior members, Talbot Smith. The four of them, along with other Thelemites ended up moving into a large house together in Pasadena. Drugs flowed freely, as did sexual partners. The lodge attracted negative attention, with the police and FBI receiving allegations that it played host to a cult involved in sexual orgies and black magic — although upon investigation, it was deemed not to represent a threat to national security.

    >In 1945, science fiction writer — and later the founder of Scientology — L Ron Hubbard moved into the Pasadena lodge. Sara took an interest in Hubbard, which made Parsons jealous. He developed a deeper interest in witchcraft and the darker side of magic, becoming fascinated by poltergeists and ghostly apparitions.

    >In a bid to find conjure up a new lover, he took part in extraordinary rituals where he would masturbate onto magical tablets to the sound of music. “After his girlfriend ran off with Hubbard, he decided to create his own girlfriend and summon an elemental,” explains Pendle.

  2. Interestingly, the gruesome scene of Gus Fring’s death in Breaking Bad was inspired by the actual death of Jack Parsons.

    On June 17th, 1952 Parsons was mixing and packing explosives for a trip to Mexico when a blast ripped through Parson’s Pasadena home.

    When police arrived at the house, they found Parsons on the floor surrounded by rocket propulsion notes and occult drawings. A hole was torn into the right side of his face and he had suffered extensive injuries to other parts of his body. Despite these critical injuries, Parsons was found conscious and attempted to communicate with the arriving ambulance workers before being rushed to the hospital and dying approximately thirty-seven minutes later.

    There is some discrepancy regarding his last words. According to one source, his last words were, “I wasn’t done.” And another source recounts them as “Who will take care of me now.”

    Sadly, when his mother learned of his death she immediately took a fatal overdose of barbiturates.

    Parsons’s death (and living for a brief time with half his face missing) would later inspire Vince Gilligan to create that chilling moment in Breaking Bad when Gus Fring stands up after an explosion, walks out the door of Hector’s room, and adjusts his necktie.





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