TIL an elderly man gained the trust of a Belgian bank by bringing the workers chocolates. He was eventually given VIP access to the bank vault. In 2007, he stole $28 million worth of diamonds and vanished.

Read more: https://people.howstuffworks.com/diamond-thief.htm#pt2

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  1. >Some experts said the bank shouldn’t have had multiple security deposit boxes in an area that could be accessed by a single box holder with a keycard. Each person should only be able to get to his or her own box.

    Lol. The fact that it took “experts” to figure this out is pretty astounding, actually.

  2. pretty obvious this was an inside job. all the bankers left their jobs ten years later and collected from the old man who’d bring them chocolates. ive seen fictional movies before so take that real life!

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