TIL Apollo astronaut and New Mexico senator Harrison Schmitt organized a cattle mutilation conference in 1979. He noted that in the last five years, in at least fifteen states animals were killed and systematically mutilated for no apparent purpose, by persons unknown

Read more: https://www.dailygrail.com/2021/05/the-strangest-collection-of-weirdos-ever-assembled-revisiting-the-early-days-of-cattle-mutilation-research/

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  1. I got to meet him. He came to my planetary geology class in undergrad and brought thin sections of moon rocks. getting to look at the actual lunar rocks under petrographic microscope was a highlight of my life thus far.

    He’s an interesting guy. Someone asked him what he did when people told him they didn’t believe in the moon landings and he insinuated that he would punch them in the mouth. It was absolutely awesome that we got him to come talk to us.

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