TIL Arizonan bestiality law makes special exceptions for industrial breeding practices

Read more: https://law.justia.com/codes/arizona/2013/title-13/section-13-1411/

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  1. For context here’s a small excerpt from Rosenberg’s [How Meat Changed Sex: The Law of Interspecies Intimacy After Industrial Reproduction](https://web.law.columbia.edu/sites/default/files/microsites/gender-sexuality/Law-humanities-jr/rosenberg_gabriel.pdf)

    >The Arizona legislature worked quickly to close the bestial loophole. Within months it had
    drafted and passed legislation recriminalizing bestiality. On May 26, then-Governor Janet Napalitano
    signed the legislation into law, officially making sex with an animal a Class 6 felony in the state of Arizona. At first blush, the law seemed an unambiguous ban on “oral sexual contact, sexual contact
    or sexual intercourse with an animal.” But careful examination reveals at least one perplexing detail.
    The legislature had also included in Subsection C explicit exemption for veterinarians, artificial
    insemination technicians, or anyone else engaging in “accepted animal husbandry practices.” To
    understand the purpose of that subsection one must consider that artificial insemination is now a
    ubiquitous practice in commercial livestock breeding and that artificial insemination requires
    extended sexual contact among human bodies, animal genitals, and foreign objects and instruments.
    Arizona’s law, then, was not a blanket interdiction on sexual contact between humans and animals.
    Rather, Arizona’s law attempted to disaggregate illicit sexual contact (“bestiality”) from licit sexual
    contact (“animal husbandry” and artificial insemination), but it could not do so by describing
    bestiality with greater precision. Instead, it proceeded by offering a blanket exemption to all sexual
    contact congruent with animal husbandry and, most of all, the production of meat.

  2. That’s just a provision they use because they have machines and practices to gather semen from bulls. Bulls can injure cows during mating and they can be aggressive to calves. So they have practices to get the material used for artificial insemination. This law simply provides for that case.

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