TIL around 2% of people have Pollen Food Syndrome (aka Oral Allergy Syndrome). This allergy to types of pollen will cause reactions in foods, usually raw fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts. One study found a majority of people who had birch pollen allergy also would also react to fresh apples.

Read more: https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/articles/pollen_food_syndrome

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  1. Me! Worst culprits are kiwi, celery, peaches and Brazil nuts. I also have a birch pollen allergy and react to fresh apples. Weirdly, if the apples are processed in any way (including blended) it’s usually fine.

  2. Mine is Spring OAS – worst ones are apples, tree nuts, carrots, celery. As long as the food is either processed or cooked, I’m fine. Apple pie is the bomb.

  3. I have this and it’s so annoying. It came on around puberty and discovered it while eating pineapple at my grandma’s house. I miss orange juice!

  4. I also have bad hay fever, birch trees are the main culprit. This year I tried taking apple polyphenols, ( a glass of unfiltered apple juice everyday), and the hay fever wasn’t that bad. I even thought there wasn’t any pollen until a friend told me his hay fever was bad this year.

  5. Same here. Apples and anything with pits gives me an allergic reaction. Carrots too now that i think about it I wondered why i could eat canned cherries and not fresh ones

  6. I only experience this phenomenon with honey. I have tried various brands and types of honey, and the reaction is always the same: itchy mouth and discomfort in my throat/esophagus. It’s so weird as no other pollens cause this reaction.

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