TIL AT&T Corporation and AT&T Inc. are different companies. AT&T Corp. was bought by SBC Communications, who renamed themselves AT&T Inc. The AT&T Corp. no longer exists, with the stock price and corporate structure of AT&T Inc. matching SBC. AT&T Inc. still claims to be founded in 1885(AT&T Corp.).

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_AT%26T#1995%E2%80%932000:_Changes_to_the_company

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  1. You didn’t mention the fact that SBC itself was a child company of AT&T Corp, created in response to an antitrust suit.

    Effectively, SBC is a small chunk of AT&T that broke off, got really big, and then bought their own parent company, all in the space of like 30 years (which, considering AT&T was founded by Alexander Graham Bell himself, is not a particularly long time)

  2. Correct. The AT&T I worked at (Bell Labs and Western Electric) was split into AT&T long distance and Lucent Technologies in 1997. Lucent spun out Avaya and eventually got acquired by Alcatel. AT&T brand was sold to Southern Bell (SBC).

  3. SBC/AT&T used it acquisition of Southern New England Telephone(founded in 1878) to claim it was the oldest operating Telephone company. It sold the division and can no longer make the claim.

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