TIL avocados evolved to be eaten whole by herbivore dinosaurs, who would then poop out the pit to a new location, spreading the trees; after dinosaur extinction, the plant narrowly hung on in a small part of Mesoamerica until humans discovered the fruit and started cultivating them widely

Read more: https://theconversation.com/love-avocados-thank-the-toxodon-143162

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  1. Slight note here, it’s not a dinosaur but a various other megafauna, advocados started the growth of it’s large seeds in the last 1 million years whereas dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.

  2. You misread this article. The Pleistocene epoch was LONG after dinosaurs had gone (mostly) extict. The article is about avocados’ relationship with mega herbivores, not herbivorous dinosaurs.

  3. Sorry to be That Guy, but the toxodon was not a dinosaur. It was a mammal.

    Either way, though, it’s thanks to this long-dead critter that we can have delicious avocados today. When you enjoy guacamole, remember to thank a toxodon.

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