TIL banned since 2008 for ‘unacceptable humanitarian consequences’, antipersonnel cluster bombs were first used by the Germans in WW2. In Iraq in 1991, 61,000 were dropped , containing 20 million submunitions

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cluster_munition#International_legislation

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  1. > cluster munition is a form of air-dropped or ground-launched explosive weapon that releases or ejects smaller submunitions. Commonly, this is a cluster bomb that ejects explosive bomblets that are designed to kill personnel and destroy vehicles. Other cluster munitions are designed to destroy runways or electric power transmission lines, disperse chemical or biological weapons, or to scatter land mines. Some submunition-based weapons can disperse non-munitions, such as leaflets.
    > Because cluster bombs release many small bomblets over a wide area, they pose risks to civilians both during attacks and afterwards. Unexploded bomblets can kill or maim civilians and/or unintended targets long after a conflict has ended, and are costly to locate and remove.

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