TIL: Beauty Parlour Stroke Syndrome is an extremely rare phenomenon that describes a stroke caused by having your hair washed over a basin at a salon. It is thought to be the result of reduced blood flow to the brain caused by sustained distortion of the neck during the washing process.

Read more: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316026513_Beauty_Parlour_Syndrome_A_Modern_Threat_to_the_Feminine_World

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  1. Obligatory “How to recognize a stroke”

    • FAST-check.

    • Face. Is the face asymmetrical? Is one part of the face dropping? Can the person smile evenly or is it lopsided? Is there numbness?

    • Arms. Can the person raise their arms evenly in front of them? Is their a noticeable lack of strength in one/both arms/hands? (Have then squeeze your finger with left and right hand). Is there numbness?

    • Speech. Is speech suddenly slurred? Can they repeat easy sentences back to you?

    • Time. “Time is Brain”. Immediately call emergency services and state you suspect someone is having a stroke.

    Keep an eye out for other symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, loss of vision etc…

    If the person loses consciousness, check for breathing. If breathing, place in “recovery position”. If not breathing, immediately start CPR and continue until emergency services arrive.

  2. This must be the reason my wife talks so strange and is irrational; multiple strokes over multiple decades since childhood from BPSS. Curious why her stroke symptoms pop up once a month tho…

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