TIL before he wrote the Goosebumps book series, R.L. Stine created the 1989-91 Nick Jr. series Eureeka’s Castle

Read more: https://www.avclub.com/eureeka-s-castle-co-creator-r-l-stine-on-the-show-s-in-1798241856

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  1. Interesting, I would’ve guessed it was a Henson creation. But I was close… apparently the show’s principal puppeteers spent time working for the master himself, the late Jim Henson. 

  2. Now there’s a blast of nostalgia! My little brother *begged* me to watch the Halloween special with him and I (silently) loved it despite outwardly being too cool for his shows.

    >RLS: Well, luckily, Eureeka was just like Sesame Street except we didn’t teach kids anything. It made it a lot easier.


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