TIL Boris I Christianized Bulgaria and retired as a monk. When his son Vladimir attempted a pagan revival, Boris came out of retirement, blinded him, and had his other son Simeon made ruler instead. Boris returned to the monastery after threatening Simeon with the same fate if he betrayed the faith

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_I_of_Bulgaria

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  1. >[The Prince](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Council_of_Preslav) of that people [Boris I], as they say, after accepting the blessing of Baptism, showed such a perfection, that during the day he appeared to his people in kingly garments and during the night, covered in crude clothes entered secretly in the church and lying on the floor of the temple, he spent his time in prayer, putting only sackcloth below. Soon he left the earthly kingdom and after he put into his place as a Prince his eldest son [Vladimir], he tonsured, took the garment of the holy asceticism and became a monk, dedicating his day and night to charity, vigil and prayers. In the meanwhile, his son whom he placed for Prince and who was by far less zealous and active than his father, began to plunder and spend his time in drinking, feasts and debauchery and with all means to turn his newly baptized people back to the pagan rituals. When his father learned that, inflamed by great anger took off his monastic clothes, put again the military sash, put on the royal garments and when he took those who feared God, set against his son. Soon he captured him without much difficulty, pulled out his eyes and sent him in prison. Then he gathered his whole empire and placed for Prince his younger son [Simeon I], and threatened him before everyone with the same punishment if he would betray the true Christianity. After he thus arranged that, he took off the sash, put on the holy monastic clothes and when he went to a monastery, he spend the rest of the time of his present life in holy asceticism

  2. So there is historic context to the tendency of some people to so vehemently pretend they really believe something that is so clearly ridiculous.

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