TIL British and Commonwealth Bomber Aircrew suffered a 44% fatality rate in WWII. By 1943, only 1 in 40 would survive two tours (30 missions per tour).

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAF_Bomber_Command_aircrew_of_World_War_II

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  1. Many line soldiers think pilots have it easy. I never did, I was a Stinger officer and I knew how easy a plane was to take down.

    Between other planes and ground based anti-aircraft artillery (basically synchronized machine guns) – you could pay me enough to fly. Hell, the Soviets shot down a U2, they could see or hear.

  2. My grandad was a flight engineer aboard a Short Stirling bomber during the war. He was shot down in 1943 but managed to bail out of the plane and survived. The rest of the crew all died. He is still going strong to this day thankfully.

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