TIL building codes in South Florida require exterior doors to swing outwards because it offers better protection against hurricanes. It was enacted after Hurricane Andrew.

Read more: https://info.alcoimpact.com/blog/why-do-the-doors-on-florida-homes-open-outward

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  1. Moved to FL somewhat recently, and TIL this. Literally hadn’t noticed the difference, but it’s true.

    Up north, I’d always had a storm/screen door, so you kind of had to open one door inward (main door) and one door outward (storm door) at the same time. I don’t have a storm door down here, and now I’m wondering if your “main” door opens outward, maybe you *can’t* have a storm door at all?


  2. In Canada, doors swing into the building, because it’s difficult to open a door when 4 ft of snow drops overnight.

    Mind you, climate change may solve that.

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