TIL Chandler V. Miller established that politicians cannot be drug tested, as it’s a violation of their fourth amendment right to privacy.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chandler_v._Miller

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  1. It seems that this would mean that other government jobs should not be legal to drug test, as the opinion of the court was

    > the affected officials would likely not perform the kind of high-risk, safety-sensitive tasks which might justify the statute’s proposed incursion on their individual privacy rights. Where, as in this case, public safety was not genuinely jeopardized, the Fourth Amendment precluded a suspicionless search, no matter how conveniently arranged.

    Yet federal and state employees can still be legally drug tested, even for jobs that have no safety risk. It’s extremely strange (rules for thee not for me) that this decision was only extended to protect politicians.

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