TIL: China creates so much synthetic diamonds that are identical to real diamonds that prices of diamonds are being driven down and De Beers has created a university to study how to identify “natural” and “man made” diamonds because no experts can tell the difference.

Read more: https://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/2076225/de-beers-fights-fakes-technology-chinas-lab-grown-diamonds

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  1. This is truly heart breaking, all these poor rich people are losing money when all they want to do is stiffle progress in the name of their self appointed superiority.

    Thoughts and prayers x

  2. A few years back, I mentioned to my future mother-in-law that I was considering an artificial diamond for ethical reasons and I could see the flames erupt in her eyes. The marketing scam is unbelievably entrenched.

  3. Uhm what? Almost All diamonds are Lazer etched and the serial number tells what mine, country, and other info of the stone. All they’d have to do is look up the code, or denounce diamonds that lack one (including vintage diamonds from before the practise.)

    Besides diamonds are worthless to begin with.

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