TIL cryptomnesia is an implicit memory phenomenon in which people mistakenly believe that a current thought or idea is a product of their own mind when, in truth, they have encountered it previously and then misremembered it. It’s also referred to as inadvertent or unconscious plagiarism

Read more: https://dictionary.apa.org/cryptomnesia

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  1. Looking back I think I can identify when it happened to me…

    It seems to occur when you’re rushing through observing things, then days,weeks, months later you need to solve a problem, and you suddenly have an idea… not remembering that you previously viewed a similar solution, maybe not exactly what you needed, but it opened the door.

    It’s like when scientists solve complex problems by observing nature…. nature serves as the inspiration… But at least the scientists are consciously aware of doing so…

    It happens unconsciously in all humans bacause we don’t have perfect memory/idea association.

    A close analogy is — It’s like getting some song gets stuck in your head but you don’t know why — (It happened when you were shopping, not paying attention to the music at all.)

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